Unusual Items Carried by Courier Services

Not long ago, there has been news about a group of postal workers who had to abandon a delivery van after a group of bees managed to escape the parcel.

They were sent in a parcel to Spain. This news has got me wondering about the unusual items carried by courier companies.  Upon conducting a comprehensive research, I found out that there are a lot of deliveries made concerning weird items.  Here is a list of the strangest deliveries ever carried by Courier Services.


This account of a slave named Henry Brown happened in the year 1849.  Henry Brown claimed that he received a special message

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Hampton Creek: The Business That Is Changing the Way We Look at Food

Advances in technology have allowed food growers, processors and packagers to flood the markets with thousands of products. Unfortunately, all that progress has not necessarily resulted in better food. Most of the food that is the easiest to get and most affordable is actually harmful. That is why two bright young businessmen took a closer […]

Hampton Creek Foods Can Teach You to Expect More from the Company That Makes Your Food

Getting good, healthy food shouldn’t have to be a chore. More companies should follow the lead of hampton creek foods. Not only does this company want to improve what goes into the body, it also wants to improve the world. New technologies, and food practices, such as plant-based eggs, is just one way that food can be even better. These eggs can be used just as regular eggs are used. Use them in baking and the baked goods come out with the same taste and texture as they would if traditional eggs had been used. Plant based egg substitutes can mean more food for the world.

The concept behind

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Why Consumers Should Buy Matcha Tea

Consumers review health products each day to determine what options could make them healthier. As they review these opportunities, they discover premium matcha. This product provides a wealth of benefits that help consumers achieve their health goals. This could also include include unexpected results.

Fighting Free Radicals and the Signs of Aging

The effects of ultraviolet sun rays cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Match green tea is known to fight off these effects. This helps the consumers achieve healthier and more youthful skin. It reduces the signs of aging and improves their

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The Quick and Uncomplicated Way to Produce a Chicken Sausage and Pasta Salad

These days it appears like not a soul takes the time to cook what they eat. No one actually seems to page the recipes in a recipe book now, and pick some sort of recipe as tasty as one saying, “easy chicken pasta with sausage.” It’s a mystery why that they don’t. People in America just appear to grab most meals involving fast food, or perhaps that have been brought home within a Styrofoam box right after having been bought through the take-out selection from a nearby eating place. Occasionally, such meals were

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Are S’well Drinking Water Containers As Fine As People Say?

The style without having equal, the S’well water bottleretains the temperatures of your own personal favorite beverage, while remaining cool along with dry within your palms. This is usually no regular normal water bottle of wine. It’s specifically designed in order to keep your current favorite cocktails chilled intended for 24 hours – or perhaps hot regarding 12. Most without perspiring in your current hands or even becoming also hot to handle. The actual stainless iron cap involves a plastic strip upon the on the inside, which protects against leaks and seeping. With a two-wall

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No Garden Variety Weed in this Tea

In recent years herbal teas have seen a return to popularity particularly in health conscientious circles who are interested in natural and organic diets. Frequently these teas are used as a source of alternative medicine to more expensive prescription drugs. However, just as many people drink herbal teas such as dandelion root just as regularly as black tea. Most individuals are unaware of the health benefits of dandelion root tea both long and short term. Herbal specialists like www.Amazon.com/Raw-organic-Dandelion-Root-tea/dp/B00NFYLN18/

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Yacon Syrup Can Be A Great Supplement

Yacon has long been a delicious treat native to the people of South Africa. It is known as the Peruvian ground apple, and the yacon root produces juicy and edible tubers. For thousands of years, the people of the Andes have ate yacon. Yacon has since been spread to many different places. and this can be attributed to its amazing health benefits. The yacon root produces yacon syrup that can offer you many great health benefits. Many people use yacon raw organic as a supplement in their diet. There are many different benefits that can come from daily consumption of yacon supplement, such

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Food Producer Hampton Creek as an Inspiration for Raising Backyard Chickens

After reading an informative piece about Hampton Creek, a family might decide to join ranks with people in the community who are raising backyard chickens. Many municipalities allow residents to raise a small number of chickens on the property. Outside of town, rural homeowners commonly can do the same. The number of chickens they are allowed depends on the neighborhood zoning. People find this to be a fun way of getting free eggs and teaching kids about raising livestock. And yes, many actually eat the chickens at some point, which makes

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Learn About Healthy Eating With Hampton Creek Youtube Videos

Most adults understand the importance of eating healthy but unfortunately, it’s difficult to consistently follow through with the right diet choices all of the time. A healthy diet can help prevent obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. For many busy individuals and families alike, they have limited time to cook and prepare a healthy meal, and fast foods are a quick go-to to stop the hunger. Fortunately with Hampton Creek, cooking and eating healthy has become much easier. By learning more about Hampton Creek and incorporating their foods into the diet, it becomes convenient

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Improve Metabolism In A Natural Manner

Many people suffer from a sluggish metabolism and this causes them to store calories as fat instead of burning them. This can lead to weight gain and can cause much aggravation. There is now a more natural way to speed up the metabolism and to burn calories at a much faster pace. Many drink green tea with matcha powder because it provides so many fantastic benefits. One of these benefits is the fact that it provides a boost to the metabolism. This means that calories will be burned more quickly and that less fat will be stored. This is a great aid to those who wish to lose weight.

Matcha is a

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